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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Applicability of Voce equation for tensile flow and work hardening behaviour of P92 ferritic steelMathew, M D
2013Application of Impression Creep Technique for Development of Creep Resistant Austenitic Stainless SteelMathew, M D; Naveena, V D; Vijayanand; Ganesan, V; Laha, K
2013Comparative Evaluation of the Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviours of P91 and P92 SteelsMathew, M D; Ravi, S; Laha, K; Vijayaraghavan, S; Shanmugavel, M; Rajan, K K; Jayakumar, T
2013Continuum Damage Mechanics Approach to Predict the Creep Behaviour of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Ferritic Steel at 873 KMathew, M D; Christopher, J; Sainath, G; Srinivasan, V S; Isaac Samuel, E; Choudhary, B K; Jayakumar, T
2013Creep and Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Fast Reactor Structural MaterialsMathew, M D
2013Creep Behaviour of 316L(N) Stainless Steel in the Presence of NotchMathew, M D; Ganesh Kumar, J; Ganesan, V; Laha, K
2013Creep Deformation and Rupture Behaviour of P92 Steel at 923 KMathew, M D
2014Creep Life Prediction of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel under Multiaxial State of StressMathew, M D
2013Creep Properties of Grade T91 Steam Generator tube steel at 923 KMathew, M D; Rao Palaparti, D P; Isaac Samuel, E; Choudhary, B K
2014Design of creep machine and creep specimen chamber for carrying out creep test flow in liquid sodiumMathew, M D
2013Development of Stainless Steels in Nuclear Industry with Emphasis on Sodium Cooled Fast Spectrum ReactorsMathew, M D
2014Effect of Creep Exposure on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Modified 9Cr-1Mo SteelMathew, M D
2013Effect of Joining Process on the Accumulation of Creep Deformation and Cavitation across the Weld Joint of 316L(N) SSMathew, M D; Sakthivel, T; Vasudevan, M; Laha, K; Parameswaran, P; Chandravathi, K S; Bhaduri, A K
2013Effect of Multiaxiality on the Creep Rupture Properties of 316 L (N) Stainless SteelMathew, M D; Charde, S R; Prasad, M L; Paretkar, R K; Peshwe, D R; Ballal, A R
2015Effect of nitrogen content on dynamic strain ageing behaviour of 31LN SSMathew, M D
2013Effect of Nitrogen on Evolution of Dislocation Substructure in 316LN SS during CreepMathew, M D; Ganesan, V; Patrameswaran, P; Laha, K
2015Effect of normalizing and tempering temperatures on microstructure and mechanical properties of P92 steelMathew, M D
2013Effect of Notch on Creep Behaviour of 316 L(N) Stainless SteelMathew, M D; Paretkar, R K; Charde, S R; Ballal, A R; Peshwe, D R
2013Effect of Notch on Creep Behaviour of Weld JointMathew, M D; Paretkar, R K
2013Effect of Prior Cold Work on the Creep Rupture Properties of 14Cr-15Ni-Ti Stainless SteelMathew, M D; Vijayanand, V D; Nandagopal, M; Parameswaran, P; Laha, K; Mathew, M D