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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Construction of Storage-Performance-Yield Relationship for a Reservoir Using Stochastic SimulationPhilipose, M C; Srinivasan, K
2007Digital Systems: Principles and ApplicationsTocci, Ronald J; Widmer, Neal S; Moss, Gregory L
2007FACTS Controllers in Power Transmission and DistributionPadiyar, K R
2008Buoyant Filter Bio-Reactor (BFBR)-a novel anaerobic wastewater treatment unitPanicker, Soosan J; Philipose, M C; Haridas, Ajith
2010Comparative Analysis in 3D Face RecognitionR, Reji; S, Ravi
2010High-temperature-design-curves-for-high-nitrogen-grades-of-316LN-stainless-steelMathew, M D
2011A Multimodal Biometric System Using Linear Discriminant Analysis for Improved PerformanceR, Reji; Khan, Aamir; Farhan, Muhammad; Khurshid, Aasim; Adeel, Akram
2011Web Data Mining: Exploring Hyperlinks,Contents, and Usage DataLiu, Bing
2011Multimedia: Making It WorkVaughan, Tay
2012FACE The most Attractive BiometricR, Reji
2012Introduction to Chemical EngineeringPushpavanam, S
2012Machine Learning for HackersConway, Drew; White, John Myles
2012Data Mining: Concepts and TechniquesHan, Jiawei; Kamber, Micheline; Pei, Jian
2013Microstructural Modifications due to Tungsten and Tantalum in 9Cr Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic Steels on Creep ExposureMathew, M D; Mythili, R; Ravikirana; Vsnaja, J; Laha, K; Saroja, S; Jayakumar, T; Rajendrakumar, E
2013Improvement in Creep Damage Tolerance of 14Cr-15Ni- Ti modified Stainless Steel by Addition of Minor ElementsMathew, M D; Latha, S; Panneer Selvi, S; Mannan, S L
2013Evaluation of Low Cycle Fatigue Damage in Grade 91 Steel Weld Joints for High Temperature ApplicationsMathew, M D; Shankar, Vani; Mariappan, K; Sandhya, R
2013Modelling the Effect of Grain Boundary Sliding on Creep Lifetime: Application to Two Austenitic Stainless SteelMathew, M D; Mahesh, Sivasambu
2013Effect of Prior Cold Work on the Creep Rupture Properties of 14Cr-15Ni-Ti Stainless SteelMathew, M D; Vijayanand, V D; Nandagopal, M; Parameswaran, P; Laha, K; Mathew, M D
2013Effects of Tungsten and Tantalum on Creep Deformation and Rupture Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic-Martensitic SteelMathew, M D; Vanaja, J; Laha, K; Jayakumar, T; Rajendra Kumar, E
2013Development of Stainless Steels in Nuclear Industry with Emphasis on Sodium Cooled Fast Spectrum ReactorsMathew, M D